Online Music Lessons and Instrument Reviews

We here at Emerson Music Online want to be your best resource in finding the best resources available to get you started in the most productive way in learning an instrument.  Whether you are just getting started playing an instrument as a complete beginner or wanting to improve your playing skills if you already have some experience, it’s important to start at the right place so as to maximize what you can learn and not waste time with material that is either too simple or too complicated for where you’re at in your musical development.

With that in mind, we will, on an ongoing basis, be reviewing various online resources for learning music and/or a particular instrument with the goal of determining what that particular resource’s pros and cons are, thereby providing you with the best information so that you can make the best choice in your online music instruction buying decisions.

Everyone has their own style of learning and that includes learning how to play an instrument, whether that be learning acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano/keyboards, learning how to sing, play drums and percussion or any other instrument.  Even learning about music theory is something everyone approaches differently.

Our staff will be reviewing online music courses as we become aware of them and have some time to spend with them and will provide you, our readers, with our best assessment of their strengths and weaknesses, if they in fact we find any.  We will strive to give the best advice as to where you might get the best results depending on your present skill level.

In addition, we may from time to time be reviewing instruments available for purchase which we have determined might be good options, again depending on where you are in your musical education.  It makes no real sense to spend a fortune on a new instrument if you’re just getting started. Chances are you wouldn’t really know what to look for in a high-end instrument until you’ve had some playing experience under your belt.